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Issue No. 22 - September 2004
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Next edition published in November 2004.

Ordering Cheese/Gifts for Christmas

Every year we get a number of orders for cheese to be sent or collected. Each year we try and prepare as early as possible so we ask again this year that you get your 'Christmas Cheese Orders' to us as soon as possible.

As an incentive for this any orders received by us on the 21st or 22nd November will receive a 10% discount of their cheese order.

Due to high demand we have had to put a minimum order value (before delivery charge) of £25 (delivery orders only).

Please read the attached document which gives some simple steps to ensuring you receive the cheese you require at the time you wish it to arrive.



For International Orders:
13th December

For Bespoke Hampers/Cheeseboards:
13th December

For Cheeses delivered:
15th December

For Predefined Hampers/Cheeseboards:
15th December

For Cheese Collected: 17th December

Please remember that some cheeses (especially goats cheese, wigmore, waterloo and some small individual cheeses) are in short supply at Christmas. The early you place the order the greater the chance of receiving what you require.

Welcome to the latest issue of the Teddington Cheese Wire. In the last week we have been Sponsoring and Exhibiting at The Restaurant Show in Olympia, London. Our Head Cheesemonger, Richard Adamson gave two presentations a day on cheeses and what makes a successful cheeseboard. It appears the show was a success and we hope that some of the top hotels in London and the UK will now be buying the cheese from The Teddington Cheese.

Christmas will soon be here and we have now produced our Christmas Brochure - if you would like a copy then please e-mail or give us a call 020 8977 6868.

June Free Prize Draw

Many thanks to all the entries we received (136 in total). The winner was: Graham Urquhart. He received a Girolle and tete de Moine

The British Cheese Awards explained

In just 11 years the number of British cheesemakers has doubled and there are now over four hundred unique British cheeses. We now have more than one cheese for every day of the year made from cow, goat, ewe and even buffalo milk.

10 years ago a new competition was founded - the British Cheese Awards.

Graphic representing the British cheese awards

The objective of the British Cheese Awards is to raise awareness of cheeses made in Great Britain by bringing together the whole of the cheese industry - makers, maturers, retailers, the trade press and now, significantly, the consumer press. The Awards encompass all cheese making from the smallest producer through to large multinational companies, from specialist cheeses destined for the tastiest cheese board through to grated cheddar used on the frozen ready meal at your local supermarket.

This year there were over 750 entries divided into seventeen categories, for example, 'Cheshire Cheese'. One cheese in each category is chosen as the overall winner. In addition each category is sub-divided into a number of different classes - for example, 'Traditional White Cheshire', 'Traditional Coloured Cheshire', etc. All cheese is examined and the best ones are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. This year over 220 cheeses received a medal.

Awards are also given for the best Scottish cheese, the best Irish cheese, etc., and from all these winners a Supreme Champion is chosen. The Supreme Champion this year was Montgomery's Extra Mature Cheddar. We have tried for months to stock this cheese but with no success as a limited amount is made. However, we do stock Montgomery's Farmhouse Cheddar.

We will be trying to get some of the Supreme Cheese in November but as you can guess all cheese shops want a wedge.

However, there were a number of cheeses we stock which won the Top Awards and Gold Medals this year. These include:

Best Traditional Cheese - Gorwydd Caerphilly
Best Welsh Cheese - Celtic Promise
Best Semi Soft Cheese - Wigmore
British Hard Ewe's Cheese - Spenwood
Berkswell - Hard Modern Ewe's Cheese
Cornish Blue- Cow's Blue cheese

Other Medal Winners include

Tymsboro - Bronze: Aged Fresh Cheese
Stinking Bishop, Durrus & Gubbeen - Bronze: Semi-soft
Cilowen Organic - Bronze: Modern British Hard Cheese
Lyburns Winchester - Bronze: Modern British Hard Cheese
Cashel & Oxford Blue - Bronze: Cow's Blue Cheese
Celtic Blue - Bronze: Soft White
Cornish Yarg - Bronze: Flavour Added - Savoury

Waterloo - Silver: Cows cheese
Crozier Blue - Silver: Ewe's Blue cheese
Mini Celtic Blue - Silver: Soft White
Single Gloucester - Silver: Hard - Other Territorials
Applewood - Silver: Flavour Added - Smoked


A competition for all our customers (new and existing). Please search the website to tell us via e-mail 'Which cheese won Supreme Champion in 2003'.

Winner will be drawn from all correct entries on 21st November a Balfour Hamper (price £50) to be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Photograph of baby Montgomery cheddar truckles

Baby Cheddars for Christmas

Montgomery baby cheddar truckles are made for us at Manor Farm in the Spring and are matured ready for the Christmas dinner table. Only a small number are made each year and this Christmas we are reserving these cheeses for individual customers on a first come first served basis. Each cloth bound truckle weighs between 2.5 and 3kg

Alternatively, why not try a piece cut from our 25kg (56lb) large truckles. Available all year round.

Photograph of Montgomery cheddar cheese

Click here to order

The Christmas Selection 2004
Just £36

Photograph of a Swiss fondue set

Perfect for the festive table from Christmas through to the New Year.

Includes a wedge of Colston Bassett Stilton, a chunk of Llanboidy, a Camembert, a Cabri and a Trami d'Alsace - contains 1.1kg of cheese in total. To buy this click here. (Can be delivered anywhere in Europe).

Decorations shown in photograph are not included.


  • ensure the cheese is ripe for the day you require it;
  • keep them at room temperature before serving;
  • wrap cheese in wax paper. Clingfilm makes them sweat;
  • use several quality cheeses rather than many;
  • smaller portions dry out quicker so use larger cuts;
  • ask us at Teddington Cheese for advise if not sure.

Photograph of a Munster cheese

- Cheese focus -


Winchester costs: £1.80 per 100g
Order here

Lyburn farm makes a variety of different hand made cheeses, all of which are made from our own cows milk. Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses do not resemble a UK cheddar cheese. They are a softer and a more continental type of cheese.

Lyburn farm lies on the northern edge of the New Forest, straddling the small river Blackwater, and has been farmed by the Smales family and Mike and Judy in particular for the last 34 years. The river Blackwater rises on some of the high ground of the forest and as the heather and gorse gives way, to the old ancient oak forest, home of the fallow deer, the countryside falls away sharply towards the north. In the bottom of the valley you will find the Hamptworth estate, of which Lyburn farm is part. The name Lyburn, is in fact quite unique, it is derived from the Scottish, lye 'born', and burn 'river', 'borne by the river', and with the Blackwater on either side we certainly are.

Having now made cheese at Lyburn Farm for about 4 years the market was indicating that we needed to improve our products to satisfy those that want a more fuller flavour. This we have achieved, by small changes to the make and now ripening the cheeses on to 8/10 months. This now satisfies a segment of the market that we were ignoring, with the exception of a few hardened Vintage addicts. Now with 2 Bronze awards to its name in 2003, Winchester has now added a 1st. at the Nantwich Cheese Show and a few weeks later a Gold at the World Cheese Awards. Winchester is now starting to make an impact, but supplies are still limited to some degree and those that need any kind of volume, will need to order them.

The Winchester we have at Teddington Cheese is matured for a further few months to increase the flavour and its taste is on the road to the renown 'Old Amsterdam'.



The Teddington Cheese Club

Have you considered joining The Teddington Cheese Club?
Every month or on special occasions you can receive a selection of cheeses together with notes on their making and history. Over the course of a year you will become acquainted with over 60 cheeses which you may otherwise never experience.

Gift Idea:
Why not make a gift of membership to the Cheese Club. A certificate will be sent to the recipient outlining the cheeses they are to receive and will include a greeting from yourself.

Cost £35 (including postage).

Click here for more details.


Quinta de la Rosa

Click here to see our ports.

Photograph of bottles of port

Quinta de la Rosa, one of the finest vineyards in the Douro Valley, is situated on the banks of the river in the 'A' grade port growing area and run by the Bergqvist family who have been involved in the port trade since 1805.

We pride ourselves at Teddington Cheese as having one of the finest ports around and it is only available in limited shops in the UK. The 37.5cl bottle of Special Reserve is also rarely found and is a superb company with Colston Bassett Stilton or Roquefort.

See our wine section for the latest ports and wines available.



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