Photograph of the Suzanne cheeseboard
The Suzanne.


1.2kg of cheese in total

The Suzanne cheese selection (suitable for vegetarians) contains the following:
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One of the best Brie-like cheeses we have found. It matures to yield a rich, creamy flavour.

Most Swaledale is made using cows' milk but ours is made using the traditional ewes' milk. Mild, moist and creamy when young, becoming drier and fuller-flavoured with age.

The Wesnleydale recipe was developed by Cistercian monks during the twelfth century. After the dissolution of the monasteries they assisted the tenant farmers in the dales. Crumbly and delicious with a clean, sharp flavour.

Harbourne Blue
White, firm, and crumbly with a distinctive aromatic flavour. Robin Congdon has been making this cheese for over twenty years and it is still the only goats' milk blue made in England.

Bishop Kennedy
Bishop Kennedy is washed in malt whisky to produce a creamy, orange-rinded, full-flavoured cheese with a very Scottish character.

Golden Cross
Based originally on the Saint Maure cheese, the recipe has been altered to produce a firm, smooth, velvet texture and a medium, mellow flavour.


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Pouilly Fume
2000 white wine

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