Photograph of Beenleigh Blue
Map of Great Britain showing the location of Totnes

Ivory coloured, moist and crumbly texture avoiding the salty flavour often associated with blue cheese.

Made using ewes' milk Made using pasteurised milk Suitable for vegetarians

Since the 1970s Robin Congdon has been farming on the Sharpham Estate which is in a beautiful location with stunning views over the Dart estuary. Whilst working on the farm Robin spent some time milking ewes and this inspired him to make yoghurt with some of the milk. It was not long before he moved onto making cheese and the creation of Beenleigh Blue followed. Beenleigh Blue is one of only three blue ewes' milk cheeses made in Britain today. Robin also now makes a cows' milk cheese called Devon Blue, and goats' milk cheeses called Ticklemore and Harbourne Blue.

Beenleigh Blue has a moist and crumbly texture with a blue green mould running through an ivory paste. It has a rich and slightly sweet flavour, similar to Roquefort but not so salty. It is matured for six months and is available from early summer through to winter.

It is excellent when enjoyed on its own or when served as part of a cheeseboard and is versatile in the kitchen for making fabulous sauces or serving as part of a salad.

Each cheese is 20cm in diameter, 15cm tall, weighs 2.7kg and has a fat content of 45%.

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Cabbage salad with blue cheese


Devon Blue
Harbourne Blue

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