Issue No. 14 - Christmas 2001
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The Christmas Selection
Closing date for Christmas Orders

James Aldridge Memorial Award

Cheese Focus:

Golden Apple Souffle

The Cheese Wire is here at last!!!

Sorry about the delay, but the past few months have been unbelievably hectic here at The Teddington Cheese.

First and foremost is our new website. It's bigger, better and crammed so full of all sorts of cheese-related info. that there's barely room to breath in those cheese fumes. If you haven't visited the new site yet, then we think you should be in for a pleasant surprise. We've got a massive cheese encyclopaedia providing a wealth of knowledge on all things cheesy. We now have an extensive wine range to cater for all tastes, occasions and cheese-matching requirements. The front page of the site now includes virtual chalk boards, to let you know what cheeses are in peak condition, or to introduce any new cheeses to you. It's now easier to spot that smelly, vegetarian goats cheese you've been after with our symbol system.

Orders for Christmas................

The season of goodwill and festive cheer is almost upon us, and now is the time to start thinking about those Christmas and New Year cheese requirements. Christmas, as our regular customers will be aware, is our busiest time of year, and we cannot stress enough the importance of placing your orders as far in advance as possible. We obviously want to provide as many of our customers as we can with their ideal cheese selection, but quite simply, demand always far outstrips what we can realistically supply. So, the only way to ensure that you get that ultimate yuletide cheeseboard is to get your order in before everyone else does.

Orders for Christmas must be received no later than 10am on Monday 10th December. After this date only a limited number of cheese selections and hampers will be available and then only until Friday 14th December at 4pm.

Finally, this year, to ensure that there are no last minute delivery dilemmas, our last delivery date will be Thursday 20th December. This relates both to deliveries for Christmas, as well as for New Year. So go on, beat the rush, place that order, then lie back, think cheesy thoughts and salivate over what Santa might bring.

Price: £26.00

The Christmas Selection

Perfect for the festive table from Christmas through to the New Year.

Includes a wedge of Colston Bassett Stilton, a chunk of Llanboidy, a Camembert, a Cabri and a Trami d'Alsace - contains 1.1kg of cheese in total. To buy this click here.

Decorations shown in photograph are not included.

Cheese focus:

A commonly used synonym of Gjetost is Gudbrandsdalsost; the Gudbrand valley being its area of origin. The name derives from the Norwegian for goat - Gjet.

Norway's mountainous landscape, in which only about 3% of the land can be cultivated, made goat's cheese the more common in the past, but now the milk is often mixed with cow's to give a more varied taste. The result is a semi-hard cheese with a fat content lower than most (about 30%). However, it can be made with goat's milk alone, which is known as Ekte or genuine Gjetost.

It is made by boiling the leftover whey of cow's and goat's milk until the lactose caramelises (which gives it it's light brown appearance). The cheese is then poured into rectangular moulds and left to cool. The outer surface is similar to that of a decorated cake.

The taste resembles a slightly sour but sweet caramel cheese with a smooth texture similar to fudge.

It can be shaven into thin slices and eaten with coffee for breakfast. At Christmas it is a favourite with spiced fruit cake. It is also considered ideal as a sweet fondue or a sauce for game. Mariners traditionally took this cheese with them on long voyages.

To buy some Gjetost click here

Golden Apple Souffle

This recipe was very kindly donated by one of our Norwegian customers, Bjorn Ostberg. Upon discovering he could get Gjestost - the wonderful, caramelised Norwegian cheese from us, he rushed home, only to return later that afternoon with two of these absolutely delicious Golden Apple Souffles. We thought they were so tasty, and such a good use of Gjetost, that we just had to let everyone know.

Thanks Bjorn.

To buy some Gjetost click here




3 Apples; 100ml brown sugar; 1 teaspoon cinammon; 5 medium sized eggs; 2 tablespoons plain flour; 250ml double cream; 100g Gjetost Cheese


  1. Core the apples, cut into slices and place in small ovenproof dishes or ramekins.
  2. Sprinkle the sugar and cinammon over the apples, and roast for 15 minutes at 170 degrees C.
  3. Whisk the egg whites until at soft peak stage.
  4. Blend together the egg-yokes and double cream, then combine with flour.
  5. Grate the cheese, and whisk into the mixture until smoothly blended.
  6. Fold in the egg whites.
  7. Pour the mix over the apples, and roast for 30 minutes.
  8. Serve with ice-cream or whipped cream.

Recipe kindly provided by Bjorn Ostberg. The temperatures and times given are for a conventional electric oven - if using a convection oven please adjust as necessary.

James Aldridge Memorial Award.

It has been announced that an annual award is to be presented in honour of the late James Aldridge. The award, which is being presented by the Specialist Cheesemakers Association, is for the best British raw milk cheese currently made in the UK. The democratic Teddington Cheese cast their vote for Berkswell -(a wonderful semi-hard sheeps cheese with a creamy texture and a complex fruity, nutty flavour).

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