Photograph of the Douglas cheeseboard


1.4kg of cheese in total

The Douglas cheese selection contains the following:

Fourme d'Ambert
A tall, cylindrical, creamy-white cheese marbled with dark, blue-green veining. The paste is smooth and fairly moist, tasting quite rich and tangy.

Elgar Mature
This cheese is named after Sir Edward Elgar who was born within a mile of the farm where it is made. It is based on the 17th century recipe of Peter Roger's Great Grandmother. A frim but slightly open texture and a rich flavour.

Mature Manchego
Made form the milk of the La Mancha sheep, it has a firm, ivory paste and a piquant flavour.

A skimmed-milk cheese flavoured with pepper and the local pink garlic. It is moulded into the shape of a dome. he cheese grows a white fluffy coat and looks a little like a small igloo.

Three Crottin de Chavignol
A smooth, firm, ivory texture with a full, goaty flavour. As the cheese matures it forms a blue-grey mould and the flavours intensify.

Petit Livarot
Very simlar to Pont l'Eveque and from a nearby town, it has a bright-orange rind and is round in shape. It is wrapped with bands of sedge leaves amd is commonly referred to as a Colonel.


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