Photograph of the Orlando cheeseboard
The Chapman

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Orlando (suitable for vegetarians) cheese selection contains the following:
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Cotherstone has been made in Teesdale for several generations and has become popular with drinkers of heavy stout. A moist, tangy cheese.

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue
Similar to Stilton but with an orange colouring - never actually made in Shropshire. Medium blue flavour with a firm, creamy texture.

Bishop Kennedy
Bishop Kennedy is washed in malt whisky to produce a creamy, orange-rinded, full-flavoured cheese with a very Scottish character.

One of the few creamery cheeses to earn a place in our shops. A amture cheddar blended with mustard and ale to yield a moist, tangy cheese.

Golden Cross
Based originally on the Saint Maure cheese, the recipe has been altered to produce a firm, smooth, velvet texture and a medium, mellow flavour.


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