Photograph of the Family cheeseboard
The Family

1.3kg of cheese in total

The Family (suitable for vegetarians) cheese selection contains the following:
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Olde Gloster
Derived from a traditional Double Gloucester recipe and using carrot juice to give a rich orange colour. Firm and moist texture with a mellow flavour.

Cornish Yarg
A cheese similar to Caerphilly but with a distinctive coating of nettle leaves. Moist and supple texture with a light, citrus flavour.

Cashel Blue
A medium-flavoured blue witha melt in the mouth creaminess, this cheese is less salty than the majority of blues. Ireland's most famous cheese.

One of the best Brie-like cheeses we have found. It matures to yield a rich, creamy flavour.

Smoked Appleby's Cheshire
Wheels of Appleby's Red Cheshire are oak-smoked to give a full, smokey flavour with a crumbly texture.

Golden Cross
Based originally on the Saint Maure cheese, the recipe has been altered to produce a firm, smooth, velvet texture and a medium, mellow flavour.


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Collioure Rose
Rose wine
red wine

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