Photograph of the Classic cheeseboard
The Classic

Good old traditionals, sure to please everyone

1.2kg of cheese in total

The Classic cheese selection contains the following:

Green's Cheddar
Made by a third generation of cheese makers. The milk comes from the family herd which grazes on the fresh meadows at the foot of the Mendip Hills. A full-flavoured, moist Cheddar with a slightly sharp edge.

Colston Bassett Stilton
The King of cheeses. Full-flavoured. The creamiest Stilton to be found.

One of the most famous of all cheeses but relatively young by French standards - a mere 285 years old. The rind is creamy-white and the paste is plump and pale-golden with a full flavour.

A truncated-pyramid shape with a blue-grey surface covered with wood ash. Ripened for about a month, the paste is smooth and white with a delicate, but not overpowering, goaty flavour.


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