Photograph of the Picnic cheeseboard
The Picnic

A lighter selection

1.2kg of cheese in total

The Picnic (suitable for vegetarians) cheese selection contains the following:
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Duckett's Caerphilly
Caerphilly was traditionally eaten underground by Welsh coal miners in cake-like wedges. Moist and supple texture with a light, citrus flavour.

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue
Similar to Stilton but with an orange colouring - never actually made in Shropshire. Medium blue flavour with a firm, creamy texture.

Appleby's Red Cheshire
One of the oldest cheeses made in England, Appleby's is an excellent example of Cheshire cheese-making. Crumbly with a fresh, tangy flavour.

Boilíe - goats' milk
Soft creamy balls of cheese in sunflower oil with herbs and garlic.

Miller Damsel Wheat Wafers
A crisp wafer biscuit with a a delicious, nutty flavour.


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Pouilly Fume
white wine
Crones Special Reserve Cider

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