Photograph of the Toby cheeseboard
The Benedict.

900g of cheese in total

The Toby cheese selection contains the following:
(This selection is suitable for vegetarians

James Aldridge takes Duckett's Caerphilly and marinates it in herbs, brine and wine from Kent. It is matured for ten weeks and acquires a complex flavour.

Colston Bassett Stilton
The King of cheeses. Full-flavoured. The creamiest Stilton to be found.

Olde Gloster
Derived from a traditional Double Gloucester recipe and using carrot juice to give a rich orange colour. Firm and moist texture with a mellow flavour.

Smoked Gubbeen
Gubbeen is lightly oak-smoked by Chris Jepson at Goleen's harbour. The smoked flavour does not swamp the natural flavour of the cheese.

Boilíe - cows' milk
Soft creamy balls of cheese in sunflower oil with herbs and garlic.


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2000 white wine

Crones Original Organic Cider


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