Photograph of Ticklemore
Map of Great Britain showing the location of Totnes, Devon

A moist, semi-hard, medium-flavoured goats' cheese.

Made using goats' milk Made using pasteurised milk Suitable for vegetarians

Robin Congdon at the Ticklemore Cheese Company has been farming on the Sharpham Estate overlooking the Dart Estuary since the 1970s. Whilst working on the farm Robin spent some time milking ewes and this inspired him to make yoghurt with some of the milk. It was not long before he moved onto making cheese. He is fascinated by the cheese making bacteria and has become an expert on these microbes. The interactions of these invisible workhorses are critical to every aspect of making a great cheese.

Robin Congdon has never been one to follow convention, and has always strived to master some of the more unusual types of cheese. Ticklemore is no exception and is one of only a handful of hard goat's milk cheeses. It is a cheese with a very delicate flavour, without the overpowering aroma often associated with goat's cheeses. It therefore makes an excellent alternative hard cheese for those suffering from allergies to cow's milk.

Ticklemore is very good on the cheeseboard, but can also be used in cooking, particularly with sweeter dishes. It can be accompanied by a full-flavoured fruity wine such as Brouilly. It is made with full fat unpasteurised milk, giving it a fat content of 48%. Each cheese is hand moulded in baskets, giving them an unusual flattened sphere shape. They are matured for two to three months and turned twice a week. Finished cheeses weigh approximately 2.3 kg and bear the markings of the basket on the rind.

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