Photograph of the Discovery cheeseboard
The Discovery

Suitable for those who are looking for something new to try

2.1kg of cheese in total

The Discovery cheese selection contains the following:

Morbier has a layer of ash running through the cheese and it has a pliable texture, a pink-orange rind and a medium-sweet flavour.

Beaufort Extra Vieux
Thie huge mountain cheese is matured for eighteen months to produce a fruity, hazelnut flavour and a smooth, creamy, buttery paste. It is similar to a Swiss Gruyère.

Picos Blue
A creamy, full-flavoured blue cheese wrapped in Maple leaves.

The paste is creamy and supple, the flavour mild and fruity and it has a thin, pinkish rind.

Elgar Mature
This cheese is named after Sir Edward Elgar who was born within a mile of the farm. It is based on the 19th century recipe of Peter Rogers' great grandmother. A firm but slightly open texture and a rich flavour.

A strong, spicy, orange-brown cheese shaped like a sunken drum. Its paste is rich and smooth and has a pungent aroma.

A fat, truncated cone with a moist, ivory paste and a full, goaty flavour. The rind changes from a creamy-white to a blue-grey with orange streaks with age.


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Chateaunuel du Pape
1999 red wine
Pachille Bordeaux 1999
Red wine

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