We are proud to introduce you to a selection of our new cheeses from all over Britain and France. Some are newly produced, others are new to us, but all are fantastic examples of artisan cheese production at its best:

English Cheeses

Barkham Blue Wokingham, Berkshire, England. This is our most local cheese, made by a small family business. It is vegetarian, produced from Channel Island milk and develops a natural mould rind, an open, soft, texture and a complex, but mild flavour.

Blacksticks Blue Lancashire, England. The Butlers make this cheese using only the milk from their pedigree herd. Eight weeks maturation results in a soft, buttery texture and a gentle, tangy flavour.

Elmhirst Totnes, Devon, England. This triple cream vegetarian cheese, handmade from Jersey milk by the Sharpham dairy, is light and delicate when young, developing a rich and full-bodied flavour as it matures.

Hereford Hop Gloucester, England. Charles Martell coats this cheese in toasted hops which not only imparts flavour but also helps to keep the cheese moist, rich and creamy with a lemon hint. Excellent when toasted.

Little Urn Worcestershire, England. Named after the 2005 Ashes victory, Little Urn is a hard vegetarian ewe's milk cheese, with a delicious flavour, similar in style to pecorino

Lord of the Hundreds East Sussex, England. The Lord of the Hundreds was the tax collector for the hundred shires that existed before the county system. This square cheese is matured for at least four months. Lord of the Hundreds is an artisanal, medium pressed sheeps cheese made from whole milk.

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Lincolnshire, England Selected cheeses are matured for between 18 and 24 months to develop a deep, complex cheddar flavour with a smooth, lingering aftertaste and a hint of sweetness.

Olde Gloster Worcestershire, England. Made to a traditional farmhouse recipe for Double Gloucester, this cheese gets its rich orange colour from carrot juice, added to the milk during the cheese - making proces

Oxford Blue Oxfordshire, England. First made in 1995, this 'Old Fashioned' style blue cheese, is made in a Stilton dairy and is moist, tangy and creamy. Wet sticky rind with many exciting blue veins running through it. Won many awards and widely acclaimed.

Oxford Isis Oxford England. This cheese is ripened using honey mead, giving it a creamy texture and distinctive flavour

Rachel Somerset, England. This semi - hard goats' milk cheese, made by the White Lake company in Shepton Mallet, has a firm texture and a gentle, lingering flavour

Sharpham Totnes, Devon, England. Handmade from Jersey milk, Sharpham is a mould - ripened vegetarian cheese with a unique flavour and creamy teture.

Wigmore Berkshire, England Wigmore is named after the artisan cheese makers - Anne and Andy. The delicate white rind hides a creamy, voluptuous sweet interior.

Scottish Cheese

Isle of Mull Cheddar Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland. This cheddar, sometimes called Tobermory, is traditionally hand made on the Isle of Mull and matured for at least eight months. Full flavour and very cheddary.

Welsh Cheese

Talley Las Llandeilo, Dyfed. Made at Cothi Valley Farm, from milk produced by their herd of 240 goats, this blue cheese has a crumbly texture and a delicious goaty flavour.

Irish Cheese

Crozier Blue County Tipperary, Ireland. Made by Jane and Louis Grubb (who make Cashel Blue) this lightly veined ewes milk blue cheese has a creamy texture and a mildly sweet flavour. The taste is 'biscuity' and not unlike cream crackers.

French Cheeses

Fiance des Pyrenees Ariege, France This creamy, soft, cheese develops a 'woody' flavour and an aroma with hints of straw. goats

Mont des Cats Flanders, France Made by Trappist Monks since 1845, the cheeses are still carefully matured in the caves of the Mont des Cats Abbey. The creamy flavour makes Mont des Cats fabulous on a baguette.

Tomme de Marc Savoie, France. Made since ancient times, this cheese is marinated for at least a month in the residue of the grape pressing, the marc, which imparts a distinct flavour and perfume

Le Cabri Ariegeois Midi - Pyrenees, France. This delicious, Vacherin style, goats cheese is a speciality of a farm near Loubieres. It has a rich, deep flavour and a luxurious texture.



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