Below are a list of all the symbols used throughout this site. Whilst navigating this site, the meaning of each symbol will also be revealed by placing your cursor over the symbol.

Symbols used for cheese | Symbols used for wine | Symbols for country of origin

Symbols used for cheese:

Made using cows' milk   Made using unpasteurised milk
Made using ewes' milk   Made using pasteurised milk
Made using goats' milk   Suitable for vegetarians
Made using Buffalos' milk   Option is available to modify a selection or hamper so that it si suitable for vegetarians
Smoked cheese   Suitable during pregnancy.
Pungent cheese      
Suitable for worldwide delivery. Some restrictions may apply for certain countries - see delivery information.   Suitable for worldwide delivery. Restrictions may apply for certain products e.g.It may only be possible to send whole cheeses.

Symbols used for wines:

White wine   Port and other fortified wines
Red wine   Champagne and other sparkling wines
Rose wine      

Symbols for country of origin:

Made in Argentina   Made in New Zealand
Made in Australia   Made in Norway
Made in Chile   Made in Portugal
Made in Denmark   Made in Scotland
Made in England   Made in South Africa
Made in France   Made in Spain
Made in Germany   Made in Switzerland
Made in Holland   Made in the USA
Made in Ireland   Made in Wales
Made in Italy      

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